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Non Bible Related Comments
Reply R483 Wed Dec 01 at 10:44 Chad

From now on if we want to post a link related to what we are posting here let's post the link as a quote, which is what it really is, on the Quote page

Reply R474 Sat Nov 27 at 12:20 Chad

Re R469 

You said, My problem with religion, Christianity in particular, is when forces its views on the general population and enforces them by persecuting anyone who doesn't conform. I would add It forces its views on Christians as well. How many Christians are spoon-fed and follow the leader? In some cases, they are attracted to the loudest or the most authoritative voice? Some follow the most charismatic or attractive leader. At any rate, they are ripe for the picking to do their leader's bidding. I would hazard, that most Christians don't read the Bible or any other sacred texts. On the other hand, the Anglican church demands a high level of education for its priests and generally encourages people to study the Bible in an informed matter. Whether they do it or not is another matter. The Bible could have a profound effect on people in a positive way. It doesn't have to. The Good News is easily abused and misused. 

Reply R468 Fri Nov 26 at 15:23 Lou

Toward the end, she writes, "My own experience of the 'nightmare' — the agony of feeling isolated, vulnerable, and terrified — has shown that only awareness of that sense of interconnection restores equanimity, even joy." 
Buddhism, Vedanta, and a correct understanding of Christ's teachings would have the same result in a much more reasonable way. 

It appears that  "Why religion" is also one of your concerns, if so share what it is that bothers you and we will try to deal with it. 

Reply R467 Fri Nov 26 at 15:03 Lou

I don't think that it would broaden their understanding of their own faith but I think that it would add another set of dogma along with a pantheon of archons and other celestial beings. The main reason they were rejected by the group that became Christianity was their views on the nature of Christ ranging from only divine to only human including 50% divine 50% human and 100% divine 100% Human. I am not too sure that that would be useful in broadening their understanding of their own faith, do you, if so how?


Reply R464 Fri Nov 26 at 12:39 Chad

I didn't expect your strong response (R462) regarding my post (R 458). I may learn something. Changing the wording, I could have said it might broaden their understanding of their own faith. Would you find that more acceptable?

Reply R462 Thu Nov 25 at 15:06 Lou

I have two books of Gnostic writings. If you want dogma, that is the place to go. Buddhism and Hinduism have all that is good without the baggage.
Christians need to focus on Christ's teachings and listen to the likes of Michael Curry. They need to understand their faith, not to broaden it.
 Somewhere Jesus said something like the Kingdom has arrived, people are being fed and healed. We are to be of service instead of trying to shove our set of beliefs on others. Jesus did not.

We need to learn to let other religions and non-religions believe and behave as they do without interference from us.

Reply R461 Thu Nov 25 at 13:45 Chad

One more thing before I leave. John's use of the word as the beginning accurately describes the awakening and expression of human consciousness. 

Reply R460 Thu Nov 25 at 13:27 Chad

I have come up with a title that describes my approach to spirituality. That is Christ's Teaching and Example Plus.

Reply R459 Thu Nov 25 at 12:19 Chad

This post combines my ideas from my last post with Larrisa Lee's comment. The better idea is to lift up and expand. I agree that we can be conveniently shackled by a concrete path based on certainty and conservatism. However, let's demonstrate a better way of approaching and appreciating our faith before we knock down the walls of the establishment.   

Reply R458 Thu Nov 25 at 11:18 Chad

I was reading snippets from the Gnostic archive. The Gnostics had an interesting way of interpretation and devotion that Christianity rejected. It is worthwhile pursuing their thoughts about their faith and philosophy. There is something that feels right about collecting a broader perspective on formal devotion and spirituality stemming from other faiths. I think it would help Christians to broaden their own faith if they did some exploration into that vast well of human thought, imagination, and faith.


Bible Related Comments
Reply S473 Sat Nov 27 at 10:58 Chad

Dressing Jesus in a purple robe was symbolic, It was only used as a temporary prop. At that time, a purple die was difficult to make. The ingredients were scarce. That is why purple garments represented royalty or VIPs. They were the only ones that could afford it.

Reply S463 Fri Nov 26 at 11:43 Chad

The Pilate and Jesus exchange et al demonstrate that conservative extremists are prepared to do whatever it takes to hold on to power. Lies, manipulation, force, and murder are all part of their arsenal.

Reply S454 Wed Nov 24 at 14:31 Chad

The way I see it, Pilate had the authority to spare Christ. He wasn't convinced Christ was guilty of any crimes. However, he finally relented and gave the Jews what they asked for. He ordered Christ's execution. He also ordered humiliating and mocking torture. He wasn't an innocent bystander. On the other hand, he wasn't motivated to kill Christ. He didn't know anything about Christ until their encounter. The motivation to kill him and to convince Rome to execute him was all in the hands of the Jewish elite. Judas, Pilate, and the mob were convenient accessories to their desires. They were tainted and even hated for their actions. However, it was the Jewish elite's efforts that were the reason Christ was killed.

Reply S453 Wed Nov 24 at 14:05 Lou

The evangelists are reporting what happened at Jesus' trial but they are making sure that the Romans understand that the Jews are to blame for Jesus' death. Pilate did all he could to save him. What we know of Pilate makes that very unlikely but they were trying to be on the good side of the Romans.

Reply S448 Wed Nov 24 at 08:31 Lou

Again in today's Gospel readings, the evangelists are showing that Pilate tried to save Jesus and that the blame for His death rests squarely on the Jews.

Reply S446 Tue Nov 23 at 13:29 Lou

I, along with others, read that as the Gospel writers pointing out that Pilate was trying to save Jesus and that the Jewish authorities were the ones to blame for his death. If he was trying to manipulate the incensed mindless mob that wanted Jesus' head he failed miserably.

Reply S445 Tue Nov 23 at 12:45 Chad

Mark 15:6-14

This passage depicts an indifferent and heartless political dictator playing with the mob. The incensed mindless mob was easily manipulated to do the wrong thing. Does this sound familiar?

Reply S441 Mon Nov 22 at 20:44 Chad

I agree, Lou. Revelation stirs the imagination. Good defeats evil and everybody or maybe just a select few live happily ever after. For some reason, this book gives some people the right to judge all others. At least they think it does. I turn off when people justify their odd thoughts and actions based on Revelation. Signs indicating the End Time is near is the one that annoys me the most. We are all God's children, so God bless them. 

Reply S437 Mon Nov 22 at 09:23 Lou

Revelation, like the OT prophecies, was intended as a warning to the growing community of followers of Christ they needed to mend their ways ( the letters to the seven churches ) and that their suffering at the hands of Rome and that God would eventually set things right. He chose to do that by stirring their emotions with a fantastic story since he knew that mere facts don't move people. For millennia people have come up with weird interpretations of Revelation because they were not in the situation of the audience that John was addressing.

Reply S436 Sun Nov 21 at 17:58 Chad

The more symbolic, poetic, and colourfully fanatic the metaphors are the further away one gets from reality. Revelation has to be considered in the mindset of the symbolic/numerical language it was created. Some of the imagery seems to reference specific things other things more abstractly. Some cults have made Revelation their mainstay. They believe that they have cracked the code to its spiritual meaning. How meaningful is Revelation? It seems more in tune with the OT and a judgemental inclusive God.

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